PROSTATENOW™ Who Should Be Tested?
The Next Generation of Hereditary Cancer Testing
Who Should Be Tested?
57% heritability for all PCa, including sporadic, highest in all cancers
Rare pathogenic mutations (RPM)
Common risk-associated SNPs (GRS)
Most prostate cancer patients and their families can benefit from germline testing.
NCCN Guideline Recommendations
Who Should Be Tested?
Family history of hereditary cancer syndromes and/or high-risk germline mutations (e.g. BRCA1/2, Lynch gene mutation)
Family history of other potential high-risk germline mutations (e.g. ATM, CHEK2, PALB2, HOXB13)
Patients with a high to very high risk and/or regional or metastatic disease
Patients with high-risk family history, intraductal histologies or other conditions, regardless of risk
High-risk family history includes:
A first-degree relative or multiple relatives <60y who were diagnosed or died of prostate cancer
Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry
≥3 cases of any cancer on the same side of the family
Other conditions include:
Men with a family history of hereditary cancer syndromes (HBOC, Lynch or others)
Men with a family history of pathogenic mutations with cancer syndromes