A team that’s set on making an impact.
Our focus is to solve questions that every patient wrestles with: am I at risk of getting cancer?
Do I currently have cancer? What treatment should I get? Will cancer come back again?
About us
Founded in 2012, solving these questions has always been at the heart of GoPath. And since then, we’ve created innovative solutions to help address these questions head-on: GENETICSNOW™, ONCOTARGET®, and ONCOTRACKING®.
Our Values
  • Service
    Our connectivity solution, GoPathConnect™, will give you access to your patients’ lab tests 24/7 from any computer connected to the internet. GoPathConnect™ can be fully integrated with any platform, workflow, or EMR. In addition to our full-service global services, we also offer several opportunities for our clients to participate in the diagnostic process and realize additional revenue through our tech-only arrangements. GoPathConnect™ will give your pathologists access to high-quality images and data in real-time, allowing them to make accurate interpretations of every case from any location.
  • Innovation
    As a group of physician-scientists, we are committed to continuously researching and incorporating the latest technologies into our diagnostic workflow. Our scientists work rigorously to develop new molecular tests to ensure that our pathologists have the most accurate data at their disposal at all times. By having an in-house diagnostic team, billing department, and customer service staff, we can deliver fast TATs and respond to your needs quickly and efficiently, providing you with expert consultation and data as soon as it’s available.
  • Education

    Furthering education has always been part of GoPath’s mission. We are strong believers in providing patients with the most beneficial knowledge of their diagnosis and prognosis. We also strive to provide free education on topics that are most relevant to our clients through lectures, webinars, and a live case blog.