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GoPath's GeneticsNow® Series includes a collection of next-generation sequencing panels that detect germline variants associated with an increased risk for various hereditary cancers. Our germline tests are clinical grade, with fast turnaround times and actionable results. We also have in-house contracted genetic counselors to aid in the interpretation of results and to provide guidance to patients.
Most hereditary cancers
This COMPREHENSIVE GERMLINE PANEL analyzes 88 clinically-relevant genes that are associated with genetic disorders, including most hereditary cancers.
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Prostate cancer
PROSTATENOW is a germline test for people with prostate cancer. This test can be used to predict prognosis among men with localized prostate cancer, predict therapeutic responses for advanced patients, and predict cancer risk among unaffected men.
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Breast cancer
There is an increased likelihood of a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation in patients with certain personal and family history characteristics and various clinical criteria. BRCANOW is a Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS)-based assay using a state-of-the-art platform to detect whether or not a mutation is present.
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Colorectal cancer
LYNCHNOW is a cost-effective, screening tool that rapidly detects mutations that cause Lynch syndrome.
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