About us
A team that’s set on making an impact.
Our focus is to solve questions that every patient wrestles with: am I at risk of getting cancer? Do I currently have cancer? What treatment should I get? Will cancer come back again?
With over five decades of combined experience, our expert pathologists and lab clinicians provide cutting-edge testing and diagnostic resources from our state-of-the-art CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified molecular diagnostic laboratory. Whether we’re partnering with oncology practices and hospitals to create strong testing programs and streamlined billing, empowering biopharma to develop precise, effective treatments, or inspiring patients to reclaim their autonomy through an easy-to-use digital portal and a long list of viable treatment options, our mission is simple: to make the complex clear for everyone. To find the light. To share it.
The story of our full-service diagnostics laboratory begins with you.
Whether you’re just embarking on your path to wellness or you’ve been helping families navigate cancer journeys for decades, we’re right beside you—illuminating every option on the road ahead.
  • Services
    Our connectivity solution, GoPathConnect™, will give you access to your patients’ lab tests 24/7 from any computer connected to the internet. GoPathConnect™ can be fully-integrated with any platform, workflow or EMR. In addition to our full-service global services, we also offer several opportunities for our clients to participate in the diagnostic process and realize additional revenue through our tech-only arrangements. GoPathConnectTM will give your pathologists access to high-quality images and data in real-time, allowing them to make accurate interpretations of every case from any location.
  • Innovation
    As a group of physician-scientists, we are committed to continuously researching and incorporating the latest technologies into our diagnostic workflow. Our scientists work rigorously to develop new molecular tests to ensure that our pathologists have the most accurate data at their disposal at all times. By having an in-house diagnostic team, billing department, and customer service staff, we can deliver fast TATs and respond to your needs quickly and efficiently, providing you with expert consultation and data as soon as it’s available.
  • Education
    Furthering education has always been part of GoPath’s mission. We are strong believers in providing patients with the most beneficial knowledge of their diagnosis and prognosis. We also strive to provide free education on topics that are most relevant to our clients through lectures, webinars, and a live case blog.
Genetic Counselors
  • Jim Lu
    CEO and Medical Director
  • Jianfeng XuJim Lu
    Vice President
  • Brian Helfand
    Division Head of Urology- NorthShore Medical Group
  • TinaMarie Bauman
    Hereditary Cancer Genetics Nurse
  • Dani Bishay
    Certified Genetic Counselor
  • Scott M. Weissmann
    Certified Genetic Counselor
Our foundation is innovation.
We employ the best team, utilize the latest molecular technology and techniques, and build collaborations with key innovation partners.
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Most hereditary cancers
This COMPREHENSIVE GERMLINE PANEL analyzes 88 clinically-relevant genes that are associated with genetic disorders, including most hereditary cancers.
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Prostate cancer
PROSTATENOW™ is a comprehensive germline test for people with prostate cancer. This test can be used to predict prognosis among men with localized prostate cancer, predict therapeutic responses for advanced patients, and predict cancer risk among unaffected men.
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Breast cancer
There is an increased likelihood of a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation in patients with certain personal and family history characteristics and various clinical criteria. BRCANOW® is a Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS)-based assay using a state-of-the-art platform to detect whether or not a mutation is present.
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Colon cancer
LYNCHNOW® is a cost-effective, comprehensive screening that rapidly detects mutations that causes Lynch syndrome.
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